Research Assistant at United Arab Emirates University

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Research Assistant at United Arab Emirates University

The Job: Research Assistant

The Department of Linguistics, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) invites applications for an 18-month fulltime research assistant position with a specialization in Phonetics. The post is available from September 2017 and is expected to be filled as soon as possible.

We are seeking an energetic candidate, who will work with Dr. Marta Szreder on a research project investigating the production of affricates in L1 Emirati Arabic and L2 English, as well as run the day-to-day schedule of the Phonetics Lab at the Department.

Responsibilities will include planning experiments and preapring stimuli, recording spoken data from adult participants, collecting and analysing ultrasound data, phonetic transcription, as well as conducting acoustic and statistical analyses.

Minimum Qualification

Essential qualifications:

  • UG degree in Linguistics;
  • Fluent oral and written English;
  • Advanced phonetic transcription skills;
  • Experience in conducting acoustic analysis;
  • Experience in conducting phonetic experiments;
  • Familiarity with speech analysis and experiment software (Praat, R/Matlab, PsychoPy).

Preferred Qualification


  • PG degree in Linguistics;
  • Interest in sociophonetics and/or developmental phonology;
  • Experience in ultrasound data collection and analysis;
  • Knowledge of Arabic.


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