Supply Chain Systems Associate Job at Aspen Holdings

Supply Chain Systems Associate

Supply Chain Systems Associate Job at Aspen Holdings

The Job: Supply Chain Systems Associate


The S&Op and SC Systems Associate is the custodian of the S&Op process in MENA and responsible for maintaining SC systems (JE and SAP). This role reports to Head of MENA Supply Chain and covers the following:

  • MENA S&Op Process
  • SC Replenishment Tool (JE)
  • Codes Creation and Maintenance
  • SC Dashboard
  • Development of SAP SC Requirements


  • Responsible for MENA S&Op Process Implementation on Monthly and Quarterly
  • Coordinating with the SC Associates the Markets S&Op process
  • Leading the MENA S&OP Process with Regional and Global teams
  • Managing SAP System
  • Responsible for Issuing on Monthly Basis the Supply Chain Dashboard
  • Coordinating the Monthly Reports Requirements with Regional and Global teams
  • Responsible for MENA Products Master Database including Codes Creation and Codes Maintenance
  • Responsible for maintaining JE for all MENA Markets
  • Coordinating MENA Master Database Maintenance with IT and AGI
  • Coordinating SC Database Requirements with the SC Associates
  • Main KPIs will be:
  • Achieving Monthly and Quarterly to Market Sales (Ex-Factory) Targets Vs Budget
  • Forecast Accuracy within Agreed Targets
  • SC Dashboard on Monthly Basis
  • MENA Executive Report on Monthly Basis



  • Cert/Diploma – In Supply Chain Training
  • Bachelor Degree
  • Three years Supply Chain
  • Three years MENA Region
  • One year Pharmaceuticals


  • Logistic/ Supply Chain Operation – Good Working Knowledge
  • MS Office – Advanced
  • SAP/ERP – Advanced
  • Demand Planning – Advanced


  • Market Knowledge
  • Flexibility and tolerance for ambiguity
  • Technical /Professional skills
  • Customer relevancy
  • Capacity for and resistance to stress
  • Industry knowledge
  • Problem solving
  • Active listening
  • Curiosity/learning agility
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Informal communication skills


November 3, 2018

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