Event Co-ordinator Opening at Naseba

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Event Co-ordinator Opening at Naseba

The Job: Event Co-ordinator

Naseba is recruiting dedicated and focused individuals who want to build a career with international scope and travel opportunities.

We are an organisation that believes in nurturing talent with organic career growth. Employees joining our organisation have the opportunity to be fast tracked for future leadership positions globally.

High achievers will go on to fast track progression.


  • Structured KPIs for career growth, based on performance
  • A challenging environment and strong support, helping you reach your highest potential
  • Opportunity to travel to events in the Middle East, Latin America, Africa and Asia
  • 1.5 hour lunch breaks for employees to go to the gym and remain fit. Additional monthly incentives for outstanding performance include skydiving, 3-piece suits, and cash.


  • Internal event coordination: ensuring constant, transparent, accurate and positive communication within the event team (sales, production, branding, marketing, accounting and any other parties).
  • External event coordination: ensuring constant and accurate communication and coordination with suppliers (venue, printing facilities, etc.) and other external parties involved in event logistics.
  • Client relations: ensuring regular, professional, and accurate communication with clients (welcome calls, welcome letters, invoices, event guidelines, newsletters).
  • Event logistics: managing and negotiating with suppliers of the events, and ensuring the quality of delivered services (site inspections).
  • Onsite event management: managing staff and event suppliers on site, and ensuring that the logistic quality of the event meets the expectations (smooth registration process, organised welcome desk, suppliers, time management, etc.).
  • Event optimisation: ensuring all event costs are optimised as per the actual situation at the event.
  • Innovative attitude: thinking outside the box and providing the team with ideas on how to improve the event coordination process, events, etc.
  • Event auditing: following up on event development as per contracted figures, set goals and event concept, and reporting these details to management.


  • Excellent communication in English (Arabic would be an added advantage)
  • Project driven and career focused
  • A background in events and/or project management
  • Punctual, pro-active, disciplined, and well-organised
  • Focused and determined personality with a positive, make-it-happen attitude

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November 6, 2018

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