Process Plant Operator Position at Rawafed Services

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Process Plant Operator Position at Rawafed Services

The Job: Process Plant Operator

Job Purpose

  • Operates the oil and gas facilities and coordinates with Production Supervisor I Senior Process Plant Operator. Ensures production operations changes are carried out according to company rules and regulations, efficiently and safely.

Principal Accountabilities

  • Operates according to established procedures, including starting-up/shutting-down the plant and adjusting associate instruments to maintain the required levels, flow rates, pressure and temperature.
  • Prepares the plant for maintenance as per the established procedures when required, accompanies the instruments/Mechanical/Electrical technicians to explain defects/defaults ensuring safe preparation of equipment for routine planned maintenance, and tests such repaired equipment to ensure smooth efficient operation.
  • Informs Supervisor for requesting stores stock items/chemicals necessary for operating the plant, checks consignments and endorses loading/delivery notes. Maintains adequate housekeeping according to Company’s safety regulations.
  • Carries out simple laboratory tests to conform the quality of plant products (oil, water, gas, glycol) and helps to evaluate plant performance such as water quality test, gas dew point, glycol PH (acidity).
  • Mixes chemicals to appropriate ratios and prepares doses for injection into process whenever required.
  • Carries out planned inspection and safety tours to identify unsafe conditions and steams monitor performance to ensure efficient operation according to company rules and regulations.
  • Also…

  • Records in a log sheet operating data such as flow rates, pressure, temperature levels.
  • Practices, classifies equipment form hazard point of view. Prepares machinery and equipment for maintenance in accordance with established procedures, company’s safety regulations and maintains adequate standard of housekeeping throughout the plants.
  • Performs other related duties such as collecting oil, water and gas samples carrying-out first line routine service such as greasing, lubricating, adjusting glands, tightening loose connection, changing filter, producing weekly chemicals stock/consumption reports, and preparing isolation confirmation certificates.
  • Takes part as assigned by Production Supervisor in training/developing new recruits/UAE National Employees/Developees.
  • Works in line with HSE policy and ensures awareness and compliance of HSE rules and regulations by subordinates.


  • Secondary Technical Certificate followed by 3 years formal training leading to a Technical Diploma.
  • 3 – 4 Years’ experience in an offshore oil field production I processing operations.
  • Good knowledge of English language.

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November 8, 2018

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