Recruitment Administrator Job at Graviton Interiors

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Recruitment Administrator Job at Graviton Interiors

The Job: Recruitment Administrator

Job Description

  • Assist and liaise with Mangers regarding the completion of administrative recruitment processes.
  • Provide position specific information to the Communications Manger to assist with the construction of adverts for newspapers and websites.
  • Load job ads onto the Ahrens website, external on-line recruiting websites and arrange internal notifications to Ahrens employees.
  • Maintain the file of resumes.
  • Assist candidates with the application processes and questions.
  • Respond to queries in person, by phone and email from various stakeholders such as recruitment agencies.
  • Manage and collate job applications and responses to all applicants within a timely manner.
  • Arrange interviews, that will be conducted in person, via phone or internet.
  • Maintain the Recruitment Status Report.
  • Attend meetings as required to provide updates on recruitment progress and determine needs.
  • Ensure completion of all documentation as per the recruitment standards and processes.
  • Forward required documentation to Managers and HR Officer to enable offer of employment for the successful candidates.
  • Perform other related administrative and reasonable duties as instructed

Education Level: Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, Diploma, Certification/Professional qualification


November 9, 2018

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