Entrepreneurship Innovation Center at Manager at AUD

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Entrepreneurship Innovation Center Job at Manager at AUD

The Job: Entrepreneurship Innovation Center

The American University in Dubai invites qualified applicants to apply for the position of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Center) Manager.

The fundamental responsibility of this position is to plan, develop, manage, and coordinate the entrepreneurship and innovation center and activities across AUD.

Principal Responsibilities:

General Management for the Entrepreneurship and innovation centers at AUD:

  • Lead and manage the day to day activities of AUD’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (strategy, policy, plans, schedules, priorities, monitoring and follow-up)
  • Develop and revise with the center leader, as needed, the vision, mission, strategy, plans, and schedules for AUD’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center
  • Coordinate with the Deans of the Schools to implement a comprehensive innovation entrepreneurship education program serving and collaborating with all academic and student services departments, external stakeholders, and entrepreneurs
  • Support the efforts of AUD related to Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Work closely with AUD Schools and other Incubation Centers to develop relationships with innovators and entrepreneurs to encourage and support new business start-ups.
  • Develop the center’s scholarships/fellowships plan for attracting entrepreneurs/innovators (How AUD and external funders contribute to the center’s activities and success)
  • Publicly recognize student achievement
  • Report on KPIs
  • Develop and manage programs to promote creative, innovative ideas
  • Manage and administer the center’s offices and staff on a day to day basis.

Physical Space:

  • Responsible for space set up and feel
  • Responsible for space set up during activities and special events
  • Be Responsible for coordinating all space planning, enhancement and continuous improvement related to the design labs and other affiliated facilities;

Competencies and Skills Used:

  • Excellent leadership skills
  • Have Excellent strategic planning, strategic management, budgeting and business planning
  • Excellent writing, presentation, communications and pedagogical skills
  • Flexibility and excellent ability to deal with ambiguity
  • Risk taker, patience and the ability to work under pressure
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Strong commitment to “mission” based work and understanding of contribution as an opportunity to make a powerful contribution to a larger effort.
  • Ability to accomplish a great deal with a lean staff.
  • Excellent organizational, personnel and administrative management skills
  • Experience working effectively with faculty, university administrators, advisory board members, and external stakeholders.

Essential Qualifications:

  • 10+ years related or similar experience
  • MBA
  • Demonstrated growth mindset
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Experience in managing education/educational institutions, innovation and entrepreneurship


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