Transport Officer Position at Sayga Investment Co. Ltd

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Transport Officer Position at Sayga Investment Co. Ltd

The Job: Transport Officer

The transport officer will be a part of administrative team and will take care of direct operations related to transport

Main Duties & Responsibilities:

1-Act as transportation unit first gate of receiving dispatch /transfers notes in order to start proceed with transporters process

2-Coordinate with sales/customers/agents/planning/production/storekeepers in order to solve their transport operations issues

3-Address and solve transport problems and coordinate with respective parties to assist in the possess

4-Coordinate with transporters to insure pickup /offloading process / locations are covering the right areas

5-Handling of dispatch /transfer notes along with the generation of BL number and submit it to the transporter

6-Support Dal group transport operations

7- Receive, review, check and process of all transporter’s claims (Volume transported, Freights paid and rates verification)

8- Handles any damage/lost goods which are reported on the road/at destination and deducts from transporters claim

9-Follow up with finance team to ensure completion of PO process

10-Coordinate with transporters representatives, finance/IT/lean teams and dispatchers in the PO’s creation process

11- Provides continuous improvement and generate new ideas for the job’s; role, activities, tools, products, process, systems, policies, plans…etc

12- Continuously improve job relevant customer services at all times

Minimum Qualification & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Minimum Experience 3 to 5 years
  • Qualified/competent professional/Technical Vocational skills
  • Intermediate MS Package Skill level

Required Skills & Knowledge:

1. Results Orientation

2. Communication

3. Teamwork

4. Planning & Organizing

5. Problem solving & decision making

5. Market survey conducting

6. Rates negotiation


November 16, 2018

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