Airport Services Supervisor – Baggage Job at flydubai

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Airport Services Supervisor – Baggage Job at flydubai

The Job; Airport Services Supervisor – Baggage

The role of the Baggage Claim Supervisor is to manage, process and settle claims for delayed, damaged and missing baggage received by flydubai or its GHA’s around the network. The candidate will interact with customers by phone, email or face to face as required.

Key Activities
1. Construct a departmental structure to ensure that flydubai meet their contractual and service commitments in the event that baggage is delayed, damaged or lost.
2. Act as a CBT facility for all files that end the tracing cycle without being reunited with the customer.
3. Follow agreed protocols in the settlement of lost claims including but not restricted to the calculation of compensation and other payments.
4. Work closely with Finance to ensure that all financial governance processes are followed and correctly documented.
5. Produce regular reports analyzing patterns for damaged, lost and mishandled baggage using admin resource within the department.
6. Monitor and follow up tracing action being undertaken by GHA’s to ensure all stations are performing their respective tracing roles, monitoring paperwork for claim files .
7. Perform analysis of the impact of transfer bags on lost rate and produce a monthly report
8. Coordinate with outstation and commercial branches around the network to settle claims efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.
9. The candidate will also be responsible for the calculation of re-billing charges to other airlines where they have part responsibility for loss or delay to baggage, under the terms of baggage interline agreements.

Also, The Airport Services Supervisor will…

10. Responsible for drafting of correspondence with customers and insurers concerning lost and damage compensation.
11. Coordination with and support for outstation managers airport and commercial involved in the settlement of bag claims around the network.
12. Work with outstation locations on developing better methods of making local settlements of claims avoiding excessive paper and lengthy procedures.
13. The supervisor will be responsible for calculating baggage settlement claims using established guidelines and relevant industry agreements.
14. The second member of staff at the Agent level will report to the Supervisor
15. Developing local handling procedures guideline for distribution to all network stations.
16. Review and improve all current operating systems and processes to ensure improved level of consistency
17. Work in close liaison with Operational Baggage management team at DXB
  • University degree or equivalent


November 19, 2018

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