System Admin Support Job at Specialized Tech Services

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System Admin Support Job at Specialized Tech Services

The Job: System Admin Support

Job Description

  • Participate in maintenance, support, administration and troubleshooting of STS PayOne solutions at clients’ sites or hosted at STS PayOne including systems/modules configurations, merchant on-boarding and clients support including facilitating proof of concepts.
  • Participate in managing and supporting gateway Multi-channel (Web, POS, Kiosk… etc.) Web Applications.
  • Participate in maintenance, support and troubleshooting packaged software including integration packages provided by STS PayOne for the end clients using the required technology (e.g. J2EE/.NET Application Servers, Web servers, etc.).
  • Provide formal / informal training for clients/colleagues where/when required.
  • Transfer necessary and required knowledge for new colleagues joining the team in order to be able to conduct their job responsibilities effectively.
  • Conduct routine software audits of STS PayOne solutions at clients’ sites and data center workstations and servers to ensure compliance with established standard policies and configuration guidelines.
  • Coordinate and participates in resolving problems and issues related to third party vendors interconnected/integrated with STS PayOne software solution components/Running Systems and modules.
  • Apply, develop and promote standard operation procedures and ensure that all the services and business requirements are running smoothly.
  • Also…

  • Ensures that system security procedures are implemented, executed and followed.
  • Perform problem resolution and provide 24 x 7 on-call support (including after working hours, during weekends and holidays).
  • Utilize strong problem solving and analytical skills in order to meet STS PayOne SLS (Service Level Specifications) commitments with customers towards their business continuity and smooth operation.
  • On regular basis provide recommendations on enhancing and further improving the client’s managed services and operations.
  • Obtain formal certification in relevant technologies and topics where applicable.
  • Provide timely status and updates to supervisors and project Operations managers.
  • Facilitate and Implement STS PayOne documentation standards to have a centralized knowledge base.



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