Parts Inventory Control Executive at RSH Limited

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Parts Inventory Control Executive at RSH Limited

The Job: Parts Inventory Control Executive

Inventory Management

  • Demand Planning for each franchise respective to each region of Famco
  • Maintaining optimum Availability to ensure demands meets supply – Service Level
  • Reduction of Stock Age value
  • Managing annual & case to case buy back.
  • Managing Special orders based on Sales recommendation & forecast.


  • Reduction of Import cost – Economic mode of transport and negotiations with forwarder
  • Order registration with various principles as per the guidelines and inco terms
  • Appointing preferred forwarders
  • Expediting back logs with supplier
  • Expediting and ensuring smooth flow of shipment across the supply chain
  • Liaising between supplier and forwarder to sort out various issues like documentation etc.,


  • Developing pricing strategy for each franchise
  • Responsible for day to day various pricing activities
  • Fulfilling special price requirements for key customers
  • Fulfilling contract based customers pricing requirement for specific period
  • Managing various pricing requirements with various principals

Sales Support

  • Providing full support to sales team for achieving budgeted sales targets
  • Creating catalogues for nonmoving items and price lists to support sales function
  • Solving technical issues by liaising with principles


  • Handling Claims and settling them by liaising between finance and supplier
  • Assisting warehouse team in identification of correct parts
  • Shipping notification creations


  • Invoice verifications for suppliers, forwarders and customs payment process
  • Solving payment disputes as per SOA after thorough investigation

Data Management

  • Responsible for maintenance of entire article master and its accuracy in SAP
  • Carry out Article creations, mass updates, annual price updates etc., for national & Int’l


  • Preparing various monthly and periodical KPI & Ad hoc reports
  • Taking respective steps for action plan after studying each report

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November 28, 2018

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