Medical Coder Vacancy at Canadian Specialist Hospital

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Medical Coder Vacancy at Canadian Specialist Hospital

The Job: Medical Coder

Bachelor degree with medical background.
Certified coder
Experience Canadian Specialist Hospital is seeking a Medical Coder with a high knowledge of Coding and documentation training and do coding claims for UAE process. Experience in DRG is a MUST.
Previous hospital experience in the same field is an advantage. No of Positions Closing Date 31 December 2018

Checking the completion of documentation in the HMS

Checking the documentation and billing compatibility as per the rule engine

Responsible for electronic claim submission

Monitoring the E-Prescriptions

Reporting day to day activities to the in charge

Handling queries from other departments

Liaising with Insurance companies on the E-Claim issues

Answering all staff queries related to the medical coding.

Entering any missing codes for completing the revenue cycle

Contributing in updating the HMS for codes etc.

Liaising with approval, billing and recon team for process completion.

Following day to priorities from the management

Supporting and strategizing the approvals team for approvals based on codes

Reporting service level auditing; finding out the discrepancies in claims level, whether the services are rendered as per the insurance protocols. Monitoring the services whether it is crossing the benchmark of abuse/ fraud stipulated by the insurance companies.

Exploring new strategies to excel the work function of the department

Monitoring the rule engine for predictable rejections

Coding the diagnosis and procedures properly.


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