VIP Terminal Officer Position at Presidential Flight

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VIP Terminal Officer Position at Presidential Flight

The Job: VIP Terminal Officer

  • The VIP Terminal Officer is responsible to ensure the full functionality at all times of the VIP Terminal gadgets and services to achieve highest VIP customer satisfaction at all times in adherence to PF standards and regulations and customers’ expectations.
  • Responsible for the continual operation and maintenance of the electronic gadgets within the terminal; attends to all quick fixes and assembly of all VIP Terminal Electronic gadgets; coordinates and follows up on all required maintenance work to ensure continual uninterrupted service at all times.
  • Oversees the continual maintenance and updates of adopted gadgets and systems.
  • Performs required search on required gadgets required to ensure PF has always the best serving gadgets at all times. Provides recommendations, performs required coordination and actual purchases to acquire high quality and cost effective products and gadgets.
  • Involved in the negotiations and management of maintenance contracts specifically the ones related to electronic gadgets to ensure alignment of PF requirements, VIP expectations and ensure continual functioning of all at all times.
  • Provides training to all assigned contracted staff on electronic operations as needed.
  • Performs daily audits on all aspects, functionality of all electronic gadgets and facilities in the Terminal from cleanliness, orderliness, hospitality and maintenance functioning; communicates, updates; collects feedback, provides audit feedbacks, advices and recommends, coordinates with respective departments, conducts required follow up to reach the targeted excellent service on assigned terminal tasks with lowest expenditures.


Essential: Higher Diploma in IT or any related field

Desirable: Customer Service certificates, Protocol

Desirable: 2 years experience in IT

Essential: Fluent in both Arabic and English Oral and Written


December 3, 2018

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