Geophysicist Opening at Fugro Roadware


Geophysicist Opening at Fugro Roadware

The Job: Geophysicist

Responsible for acquisition, interpretation and reporting of geophysical data in field and in the office as defined by the Party Chief / Chief Geophysicist.

Roles And Responsibilities

1. Primary Duties and Responsibilities

1.1 Operations

a) Acquisition and interpretation of geophysical data.
b) Check geophysical data in the field for completeness and quality.
c) Check work of subordinate staff.
d) If applicable assist and directly support the Party Chief with the execution of given work and tasks.
e) Execute given work ensuring it is within project targets and in accordance with specifications, procedures and work practices.
f) If applicable is responsible for field reporting and compilation of survey reports in given company format.
g) Expected to liaise directly with client on relevant technical issues and on contractual / operational issues when in the responsible role.
h) Actively participate in the implementation of QC procedures in the field environment.
i) If applicable, liaise regularly with Party Chief, Surveyors and Engineers in field for overall assessment of survey progress.

1.2 Administration

a) Is responsible for and / or assist with maintenance of field survey / engineering administration and field filing system in accordance with work practices.
b) Submit monthly work reports in company prescribed format.
c) Ensure time spent on projects is properly accounted for.
d) Maintain logs of data acquisition and processing.
e) To assist with or if delegated, responsible for geophysical data.

1.3 Specific Additional Duties

a) Actively participate in adherence to and improvement of the company Management System on Quality and HSE related issues.

2. Principal Working Relationships

a) Work with Chief Geophysicist, Reports Coordinator in assisting with timely submission of reports.
b) Liaise with Party Chiefs on data quality of geophysical data.
c) If applicable work with senior field staff to ensure projects are completed to clients specifications.
d) Meet with Project Manager for project briefing and debriefing.
e) Meet with HR Manager for feedback and training and if applicable personal Performance Appraisal discussion.
f) Meet with HSE/QA Manager for QA discussions and feedback.


Qualifications required:

a) M.Sc. or B.Sc. level in geophysics / geology or equivalent.

Skills / experience required to do the job:

a) Must have valid offshore medical and survival certificate.
b) Minimum two (2) years experience.
c) Conversant with acoustic equipment and word processing software.
d) Knowledge in side scan sonar and sub-bottom profiler data interpretation software.
e) English language.


December 4, 2018

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