Banking Treasury Dealer Needed at Mbr Headhunters

Banking Treasury Dealer

Banking Treasury Dealer Needed at Mbr Headhunters

The Job: Banking Treasury Dealer

Minimum Requirements

  • Degree/Post Graduate Degree from a recognized university
  • Minimum 8-10 years’ experience in banking including at least 5 years as a dealer in the dealing room(s) of a reputed bank(s) in UAE
  • Currently in UAE

Key responsibilities:

  • Quoting and covering in foreign exchange spot, forwards and swaps markets.
  • Form views on currency movements and advises customers.
  • Run multiple positions and to monitor the movements in various currencies and other securities simultaneously.
  • Handle high volume forex transactions in volatile markets.
  • Efficiently manage money market operations including lending, borrowing and making use of arbitrage opportunities.
  • Have a clear understanding of various ratios and regulations in respect of Treasury functions and the ability to manage the operations within the various risk and regulatory limits.
  • Also, Have the ability to quickly spot and make use of income earning opportunities in various markets within the risk limits.
  • Have the leadership qualities to guide others in the dealing room to achieve individual as well as group targets.
  • Be prepared to accept higher responsibilities as and when required.

December 7, 2018

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