Instrumentation Control Engineer Job at UAE University

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Instrumentation Control Engineer Job at UAE University

The Job: Instrumentation Control Engineer

The instrumentation and control engineer is accountable for instrument specifications. And responsible for specification, development and testing of these instruments and associated control systems

.• Preparation of technical requirements supporting the system specifications of instrumentation and their control systems such as Temperature monitors and their control systems, Power generation

  • Responsible for the design and development, or oversight of contracted work, for command and control systems, data acquisition systems, and power systems.
  • Prepares the technical documentation for the developed systems, including operating manuals
  • Prepare and review test plans and procedures for the systems mentioned above and being developed at NSSTC or sub-contracted out.
  • Implements detail engineering activities. Such as layouts, routings, assembly and manufacturing where necessary.
  • Provide technical advice during troubleshooting and corrective action of instrument and related sub-systems breakdown or failures to find the root cause and best solution.
  • Provide technical support. i.e. inquiry, technical bid evaluation and recommendations, Purchase specifications, Vendor drawing review, Inspection procurement for instrumentation & controls relevant items.

Minimum Qualification
Bachelor of Science in Engineering with majors. And/or project work in Instrumentation and Software or equivalent.

Preferred Qualification
Fresh graduate – with some experience in the specification and design of instrumentation and control systems.


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