Panel Operator Job at International Dev Company

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Panel Operator Job at International Development Company

The Job: Panel Operator

Job Description

  • Monitor and control process parameters in Oil, Gas, Utilities, Crude Loading and Gas Export plants. Take timely remedial actions in case of process alarms or plant upsets due to instrument/equipment failure, ensuring safety of plant & personnel.
  • Monitor fire & gas panel and interact with fire control centre during failure of any plant protection system.
  • In case of emergency situation, take appropriate actions as per emergency procedures and contingency plans. Safely shut down the affected Plant partially or totally.Â
  • Maintain communication with Emergency Control Centre, Fire Control Centre, Fields, Abu Dhabi and any other agency as per the emergency situation.Â
  • Restore the Plant to normal operating conditions safely and efficiently once the situation is normalized.
  • Initiate work request for maintenance in case of equipment/instrument failure in co-ordination with field operators & shift supervisor.
  • Follow-up work permits, take equipment/instruments out of service for maintenance and to take back in service after maintenance intervention.
  • In liaison with Oil Movement section, prepare necessary crude tank, pumping station and metering station for each tanker loading. Co-ordinate with Loading Master and other Representatives, Supervisor for smooth and safe loading operation.
  • Communicate with field Production personnel for any variation in parameters, warn field team of any alarm/abnormalities occurring in the field.
  • Prepare ‘Daily Consumption Sheet’ which indicates stock of various utilities including Diesel/Water production and export


Minimum Qualification

  • Technical Diploma in relevant field or Secondary School Certificate with a vocational trade certificate in the relevant field.

Minimum Experience & Knowledge & Skills

  • 4 years of experience, in process plant operations.


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