Project Oasis Hub Coordinator Job at Lloyds Register

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Project Oasis Hub Coordinator Job at Lloyds Register

The Job: Project Oasis Hub Coordinator

We are looking for a temporary Coordinator to support our IS team in our new laptop replacement project for 3 – 4 weeks. Ideally start working with us on 14th Jan through to 3rd Feb. If you are immediately available with a valid VISA that allow you to work in Dubai; and have good technical knowledge about computer configuration, installations and setup of applications, you are welcome to apply to this temporary role.


Responsibilities of the role:

  • Pre-deployment activities:
    • Checks available kit against received asset list from OASIS and reports any discrepancies
    • Checks received deployment schedule with the (local) business 3 days upfront
    • Checking with OASIS the availability of the Dell engineer(s) and record their name(s)
    • Checks the prerequisites for the deployment 5 days upfront and get them fixed as needed
      • OneDrive
      • Configuration backup
      • Identify remote users
      • Ensure daily workload is manageable
    • Reaches out to the remote user 1 day upfront to get the following information
      • Username / password
      • Delivery address
  • Deployment activities (main activities done by Dell engineer)
    • Complete installation and setup of applications as needed (proxy role for remote users)
    • Checks the quality of the work before shipping (proxy for remote user)
  • Post-deployment activities:

    • Prepare device for shipping to remote user (packing, labelling etc.)
    • Ship the device to the end user (RWO)
    • Tracking and confirm delivery
    • Instructs the user to change their password so it is no longer known by the HDC (remote users)
    • Informs OASIS team for update of Migration Studio
    • Track receipt of W7 devices (desktops, laptops, docking stations)
    • Ship W7 devices to Dell
    • Attending daily OASIS area call
    • Preparing weekly report (template to be decided)
  • Quantities
    • The HDC manages/supports maximum of 2 Dell engineers
    • 1 Dell engineer deploys maximum of 8 devices per day
    • Maximum of 4 remote users per day


January 10, 2019

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